A woman in harmony with her spirit is like river flowing.
She goes where she will without pretence,
arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.

-Maya Angelou

Do you often find yourself thinking...

  • I feel stuck. I don’t know what I want from life!
  • Balancing the demands of my career and family are killing me.
  • I am not getting my promotion which is overdue, am I incompetent, are are others better than me….
  • I seem to be running out of luck, time after time, almost every time.
  • Have I done something wrong again? Am I simply inadequate?
  • Is it that my spouse or partner does not find me attractive anymore?
  • Looks like I will end up alone. My relationships do not seem to work. Am I too independent, strong willed, selfish?
  • Should I stay or do I leave? Are there any choices available that I cannot perceive?
  • I just cannot do ANYTHING right! However hard I try things seems to backfire.
  • Am I being by passed for all the plum assignments? My experience is unrecognized and worthless
  • I haven’t got a promotion in years.
  • I do not have enough charm and charisma. It appears as if people are simply pretending to like me.
  • My kids are rebellious & my husband is making it worse.
  • I have a terminally ill person at home, the negative energy is too much for me to handle. I care but feel guilty that I cannot do much.

And the list goes on and on……….. guilt, self-loathing, fear, confusion, grief, loss, betrayal……….. are we women just created to suffer? The answer is a big NO!!!

Understanding Woman

“We experience things according to people and situations around us”

We are all products of our environment and from our very childhood we acquire and live with certain behaviour patterns that have a deep impact on our lives. We experience things according to people and situations around us – family, friends, relatives, culture, teachers, and we learn behaviours that we observe and that which is taught to us. What is universal in all cultures is the difference between how girls and boys are raised as well as what women are taught to believe. We become conscious of our belief systems only as we start to face challenges in our lives and there arises a need to make tough decisions.

“We all make choices and create unwanted patterns in our lives”

In particularly difficult inner situations or outer situations, we often doubt our internal GPS, are confused about how to act and recognize what we really think or feel. We all make choices and create unwanted patterns in our lives, both good and often not so good. Often we fail to recognize our conditioning, the flaws in our thinking and behaviour that sabotage our success and wellness, deeply impacting our personal and professional lives.

All the strength and technology that you need is within you!
A Life Coach can help

Who is a Life Coach?

Life Coaching works really well when we are caught in this negative spiral of disabling self-beliefs and an environment where expectations from us are greater than our ability to fulfil them. We feel mentally anxious, physically exhausted and unable to find any answers. A Life Coach is actually the best friend a woman of any age can have. They work with you in a non-judgemental manner to sort the mental cobwebs blocking your well-being and happiness.

With a Life Coach, you will receive a structured support to help you establish your goals and achieve them. Whether it is your personal life at stake or professional, a Life Coach holds you accountable for each step that takes you to the realization of your dreams and desires. A Life Coach believes that every client is ‘whole and complete, with the ability to find their own answers’. A Life Coach facilitates your diving deep into your abilities to find the answers to the puzzles of your life.

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